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Chris is in the process of launching SoundLink, read the article in Inc. Magazine about Chris and SoundLink. Chris is honored to have been re-elected to the Board of Governors of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards).



Chris Andrews
is an innovator and entrepreneur based in the Silicon Valley. His numerous ideas, projects and companies have advanced the way we live and interact in today's Information Society.

Areas of expertise include emerging technologies, interactive audio, Internet marketing, digital media, entertainment technologies, innovation and invention, wireless, digital publishing, webcasting, ebooks, music industry, and social media.

Chris' background includes a track record of groundbreaking work in the digital arena and online/Internet field. His experience in bringing new technologies into the consumer, business, and entertainment industry includes managing the digital properties for the Grammy Awards and being Executive Producer of the Grammy Webcast, at the time the world's biggest music webcast.

He is the definition of "A Thinker and a Doer." An example of his thinking can be seen in one of his patents, for an e-commerce system. A live interview on BBC worldwide for (he is interviewed after the President of Austria) is an example of him getting out there, doing things that build equity and recognition for the projects and companies he works with.

He has worked with respected companies such as IBM, HP, and Apple on major projects as a producer and consultant, as well as helped many start-ups gain recognition in the market by enriching their products and expanding their core competencies.

Chris is the author of a book published in 1993 about the birth of digital media. The Education of a CD-ROM Publisher: An Insider's History of Electronic Publishing was published again in 1998, the first time ever a book was published simultaneously as an hardbound, softcover, ebook, online/html, and Palm version. Through 25 entertaining short stories, the book documents first-hand the development and rise of many of the foundation pieces of todays digital world: from ebooks and digital documents to music and movies on computers, search engines, computerized news, digital rights, and CD Burners, as well as the emerging digital culture.

Chris has played the role of Executive Producer for a variety of projects in digital media, Internet, and entertainment. Chris also has an interest in developing talent, and has previously been the manager of recording artists Taylor Eigsti, Antonia Bennett, and Vickie Natale.

Chris founded Livecast, an early webcasting company that developed a production console for large-scale live event broadcasting. Chris invented the word "Livecast" in 1996, and owned the trademark until 2008 when he sold it to Comvu, a mobile broadcasting technology company. Comvu is now named Livecast, and in 2008 Chris joined the new Livecast as VP of Marketing.

Just as digital media products were emerging, Chris founded UniDisc, a multimedia publisher that developed some of the first consumer interactive products. UniDisc published the Guinness Disc of Records, with Chris acting as Executive Producer. This product was based on the world's best-selling copyrighted book, the Guinness Book of Records, and was then enhanced with audio and visual content including a lesson from the World's Fastest Talker.


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