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"Chris Andrews has so much insight into the music industry, how it works, who's who, and how to put yourself in the right situation at the right time. Chris really helped me get noticed, and through him I got to meet some amazing musicians and people with whom I have formed lasting connections such as Al Schmitt, Horace Silver, Tierney Sutton, and many others. And he's a great guy too!"

"I've worked with Chris Andrews on a wide range of projects for over 20 years, from developing CD ROM's when no one knew what a CD ROM was, to Grammy promotions for my clients, to sports marketing programs that needed a technology "hook" to bring them to life. Chris is certifiable...certifiably smart as hell; certifiably more creative than you or me; certifiably one frame off; certifiably fun to work with. Some companies claim to have a 360 degree approach to business...Chris actually has a 720...he looks at an idea once from all angles...and then just for fun he goes around again. Chris is not for everyone...but if you want innovative thinking, honesty, and a healthy dose of fun along the way, this is your guy. If your suit is a little too snug, Chris may not be for you"

"Chris has a mind like a steel trap. He connects the dots like nobody's business. How else would I wind up I a SkyBox at The Grammy's with Chris (wearing an antique feather bow tie, my husband's cummerbund, white socks and Merrel shoes), The Austrian Consul General, big wigs fron NARAS, people with IQ's north of 150 and a million-selling, certified platinum country star? Brought to you by Chris Andrews. He da. Man."

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