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"Capacity building for not-for-profits is all about best practices and relationship building. Chris Andrews generously provided creative ideas and shared his network of community contacts resulting in an immediate and lasting impact on Joy of Sports. His personal passion for making a difference is infectious and sure to provide a spark of energy and momentum for organizations of any size."

"Chris Andrews is a gem to work with: He has the mind of a business entrepreneur, the instincts of an artist and the heart of a humanist. When we worked together at the Grammys, I could not have had a better ally to develop mission appropriate business sponsorships to support the philanthropic work of the Grammy Foundation."

"I am a product of Palo Alto, when you could be a scientist and a protester at the same time -- that was what made Palo Alto beautiful," he said. "I am cut from that Palo Alto cloth, (which believes) that diversity, opinion, strong feelings, freedom of expression and leadership in social issues sits right alongside forming companies, equity and technology. We are suffering at this moment in those two schools of thought. And Palo Alto used to lead the country in this integration."

About Chris Andrews