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"After any interaction I have with Chris Andrews I have a better idea of how I can make an impact in my work both professionally and personally. Chris brings innovative business ideas to the conversation that help me mold the vision for any project that I am working on. He does this through energy and passion, which ultimately is contagious; leaving me inspired and reconnected with myself and my mission."

"In the past 20 years, Chris Andrews has led me on adventure after adventure in the multimedia computing and information industry! From the recording of the longest word in the Russian language to the means to add theme music to individual web pages, Chris Andrews drives the industry to continually think outside of the box ... and has kept me thinking outside the box for ways to deliver his wild ideas! Without people like Chris driving the industry to newer and greater heights, we'd still be trying to figure out how to incorporate sound and video into online publications."

"Working with Chris Andrews is a Joy, He helped me realize that I can be the artist I chose to be and there is an audience that will listen and enjoy real talent and art. He really knows how to seek and find the best and bring the best out of the best!!!"

About Chris Andrews