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"The thing that has always struck me about Chris Andrews is his amazing enthusiasm and curiosity about new and emerging technologies, particularly in the world of digital publishing, which includes the Internet, webcasting, DVD, CD-ROM, audio and video, and that vast space between professional publishing and user-generated content. His insights into which technologies are truly worthwhile vs. which are merely passing fads make him a valuable person to have on your team when considering investments in new technologies and electronic content. He has that rare combination of talents--a visionary's perspective on the future along with a practical, bottom-line mentality."

"The history of the GRAMMY Webcast also tells the story of the evolution of on-the-spot multimedia journalism and on-the-fly production. Andrews' responsibility as director of business development for the Recording Academy, as well as Executive Producer of the GRAMMY Webcast, has been, simply put, to conceive the vision and develop the reality. Facing both a daunting challenge and an extreme opportunity, Andrews knows that this year the Webcast takes its largest step forward."

"Chris Andrews is a media maven for the Electronic Age who will shake your head with new ideas. Chris is so original and determined not to do things the way other people do them, that you never know what's coming next-- you just know it will be on the cutting edge."

About Chris Andrews