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ONE TO ONE MAGAZINE (Published by CMP, May 2005)
Reprinted with permission of CMP Publications


"One To One salutes the achievements of some of the key people whose...talent, insight, and perseverence over the years have helped to make North America the world's media capital...In drawing up the list of the key pioneers in the pantheon of North American's media industry, One To One queried many in the industry. ..admittedly the final cut was difficult. And so without further ado... "

Entrepreneur and innovator Chris Andrews was the world's first CD-ROM producer, and followed that up by launching the first CD publishing system, the predecessor to today's CD burners. His widely-read book, The Education of a CD-ROM Publisher: An Insider's History of Electronic Publishing" accurately predicted the advent of DVD and the explosion of "DIY CD" phenomenon a decade before it happened. He's worn many hats, including stints as a product manager for Hewlett-packard, and head of business development for the Grammy Awards, for which he was the architect of digital media projects. He has launched and managed his own companies, Livecast and UniDisc. Today, Andrews is active in next-generation publishing projects."
-- CMP

"I worked with Chris quite a few years ago on an early project in CD-ROM publishing. At that time I was a neophyte in the industry and Chris was already, even at a then-young age, one of the "grey beards" of the industry. Chris knew the industry and he knew people and he introduced me to some who were essential to the success of my project. But more importantly, Chris, again even at a young age, was a visionary. He saw the present state of the industry and the future of the industry as well. I wanted to do something no one else had done, at the time. There are those who say to such as I was at the time, 'What are you, nuts?' And then there are the Chris Andrews' who say, 'Wow! That's a great idea! Can I help you see your dream through?' He encouraged a young entrepreneur, and he opened doors for me that I could not find, let alone open, on my own. Thank you, Chris."

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