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"Chris is an original thinker and true innovator. He has been a key person in groundbreaking projects that helped create todays wired world. I've witnessed him in action, from creating new concepts and products to driving high-profile strategic marketing programs. The first time I did a deal with Chris, it began on a flight from San Jose to LA, and by the time the flight landed, we had mapped out and agreed to a major technology-entertainment initiative. He's very sharp, able to find solutions in this increasingly complex marketing landscape. It's always a pleasure to work with Chris. Plus what a joy it was to watch him orchestrate that first Grammy Webcast, which set the industry standard for webcasting."

"It's not enough to say that Chris Andrews is innovative and inventive, or that he has been on the leading edge of interactive technology for the last 20 years. It's all true...but those are just the facts. In all of Chris's ventures, there's a spirit of adventure for making things happen, a love of ideas that explodes from within, and a true sense of community that embraces the best in all of us. Some people are lucky to be talented in one discipline. With Chris, the abundance and the potential is multi-dimensional -- spanning music, multimedia, technology, history, and social networking. Whatever Chris's focus, his producer instincts kick in and sparks begin to fly. It's a pleasure to watch and inspiring to be part of."

"Chris Andrews has an incisive and holistic understanding of business and brands. Our world of conflated technology, new media, science, and entertainment is often obscured by smokescreens. Chris cuts right through the obfuscation to the heart of the matter. It's not easy to be both practical and a real idea guy, but Chris pulls it off. His multifaceted (and fascinating) background also allows Chris to walk and work in many worlds."

"Chris has an early pulse on greenfield markets....he is simply a brilliant marketing executive and he is so subtle about it! The world of electronic publishing was never the same after Chris pushed it along. He created the 'watershed' moment with CD Professional...and it all became a prelude to companies eventually publishing on the web."

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